Why Choose Titans Gym?

What is a GYM to you?  Is it a test of your negotiation skills? Is it being hounded for ten of your best friends phone numbers fun for you?  Is it being hard sold on upgrading to a premium package –  to not use every gym in the nation, something you enjoy?

For 20 years owner Geoff Delgrosso has been searching for one answer to best describe the perfect gym, and it is always Titans Gym!  The idea of a gym has lost it’s meaning over the course of the last 10-15 years, and has been replaced by “fitness center” and “wellness center”.  Sweating, grunting and hard work have been replaced by Lunk Alarms, donut Mondays, and  member mixers.   Geoff grew tired of facilities with more sales desks than squat racks, more fitness knowledgeable members than personal trainers, more flash than labor.  Facilities designed to sell memberships, not to promote the workout.  In 2001 Geoff took his vision and made it into the reality that is now Titans.

TITANS GYM IS a real gym, run by a GYM owner running a business, NOT a business owner running a GYM.  There is no sale staff upgrading you to use “amenities” you’ll never use, or upgrades to attend different classes, or TVs in our bathrooms, but there are more squat racks than sales desk, heavier dumbells than some gyms combined, and an atmosphere that oozes sweat and hard work.

Who We Are

To provide a true “gym” experience so our members can reach and maintain their fitness goals.
No frills, no excuses. We help you work hard and keep you motivated.
Results! Plain and simple. We don’t want you coming to our pizza party or eating our bagles. We do not want to charge you more for extra classes. We want you healthy.


NE Ohio’s Largest Weightrooms
Loads of cardio macines – NO WAITING
FREE Group Classes for Members
We’re open 24/7 – 365 days a year