Geoff DelGrossoPresident, Titans Gym
As President of Titans Gym, Geoff has set the standard for personal training knowledge and experience in the North East Ohio area. With over 15 years of experience in the Personal Training and Sports Conditioning industry and his extensive education, Geoff can design a program fit for any one. He has worked with the OSU ice hockey team, designed Hiram College’s basketball conditioning program, and worked with several local athletes to push them to the next level of competition. His fast paced programs are sure to get you were you want to go with the time you have to commit.

To contact Geoff, please call Titans Gym at 440.953.9753.

James Boykin
Welcome to 2 Work Hard Inc. – My name is James Boykin. I’m a Lake County based personal trainer and owner of 2 Work Hard Inc. I have over 25 years of active personal training experience in both public and private clubs, as well as directing a post rehab training program in cooperation with a local hospital system. My goal as a personal trainer is to bring an awareness to folks that fitness is a lifestyle, and to put fun back into fitness!

I’ve trained some of the area’s top high school, college and professional athletes in strength and conditioning for all sports, as well as top competitors in female fitness events, with clients ranging from 8 – 88 years of age.

Regardless of your goals, it is important to be physically fit and make exercise and nutrition part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in training as a professional athlete or body builder, a weekend quarterback, or working to attain your peak level of fitness, together we’ll design a fitness program custom built especially for you.

• Certified ISSA Personal Trainer
• Johnny G Mad Dog Certified Spinning Instructor


Dave LibermanTrainer and Posing Coach
In my twenty plus-years of involvement in the figure and bodybuilding industry, I have learned to appreciate the importance of mental and physical fitness. Through personal training and the promotion of drug free NPC bodybuilding and fitness contests, I have made a conscious effort to help individuals improve their mental health and physical caliber.

My goal through this site is to continue to help others by providing nutrition information, and personal training services which include hands-on training and personalized workout routines.

I hope your visit is enlightening, informative and motivating, and that you take with you a wealth of information to assist you in living a life of good mental and physical health.

Dave Liberman

Gary MihalinkCertified ISSA Trainer, Performance Nutrition Specialist
International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Fitness Trainer & Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Phone: 440-487-3785

I obtained my ‘Fitness Trainer’ certification in 2003 and my ‘Specialist in Performance Nutrition’ certification in 2005, both through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Also, I completed ‘The Essence of Body Weight Training’ course from the Institute of Human Performance ( in 2007 and the ‘Senior Fit’ course from the American Academy of Health and Fitness ( in 2009.

As a personal trainer, I believe that there is a desired body, a focused mindset and a motivational spirit in everybody. My job is to help others successfully achieve that desired state of being. Through specific training methods, motivational guidance and proper nutrition, I will take you to that ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’ connection. I will give you 100% commitment and dedication. If you give the same, Success is yours!

I have the academic background as well as practical experience to work with you, regardless of your age, physique or gender. I will help you reach your goals whether they be weight control, muscle toning, strength training, cardiovascular training or sports conditioning. As an ISSA member, I have access to the latest information in Physical training, nutritional advice and overall health. I use this information to educate myself, and in return educate you.

Change Your Mind…Change Your Body… Change Your Life !!!

Erin KortovichAFAA Cerified Personal Trainer
BS: Exercise Physiology Kent State University, Minor: Community Health Education
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
AFAA Certified Aerobic Instructor
Johnny G Spinning: Certified Spin Instructor
AFPA: Certified Pilates Instructor

Phone: 440-488-5094

Dealing with body issues from the age of 13, I knew that I wanted to be in the Fitness Profession and help others with body confidence. When I was 16 I got my first job at a gym and went from there to pursue a degree Exercise Physiology from Kent State University. During that time, I obtained my Fitness Certifications and began teaching classes at the school rec center. As much as I enjoyed teaching college girls to get in shape for spring break, It was not fulfilling. I really wanted to make a change and help women transform their bodies and their esteem.

I began personal training in 1995 and have helped many women along the way, not only with weight loss, but with the tools to continue a life of healthy living.

I understanding the gaining and losing, the “emotional eating” and how easy it is as a woman to get down on yourself. My passion is to not only help others achieve their goals, but change their mindsets to be confident and gain a love for fitness.

Jayne Engeman
Hi everyone—my name is Jayne Engeman-also known as gijayne. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Titans Gym.
Here’s what makes me tick… Fitness, I love it – I live it – I teach it!
Health and Physical Fitness started at the age of 16, when I took up running.
At 18 I started teaching aerobic at various basements of churches.
Even throughout my college years I continued to teach aerobics, as well as during
all 3 of my pregnancies. I literally taught till I dropped! So I’ve basically been involved in health and fitness for well over 32 years!
Throughout my career I have witnessed many changes in the fitness industry.
But one thing will always ring true… you don’t need the latest gadgets, workout programs, foods etc.…All you need is the commitment to be consistence day in and day out with ANY exercise regimen, for the rest of your life! No down time, no off season. The rest of your life. You need to be conscious of what you’re eating and make healthier choices.

Today, I have branded my own name and company-(gijaynefitnessLLC) and also made my own kickboxing DVD. Additionally, I hold numerous group fitness certifications, ranging from Kickboxing to Indoor cycling , boot-camps, weight and core training.
I also work for Lake Health Hospital, in the emergency room.
My primary goal is to help people become healthier and more physically fit each day.
Here at Titans gym I can make that happen.