Many resolutions were made this past Saturday. The most common include efforts to quit smoking, save money or get in shape.

Trying to slim down is one of the top five New Year’s resolutions, according to

Geoff Delgrosso, owner of Titan’s Gym in Mentor, says there is a large increase in the number of new memberships this time of year.

Titan’s offers a variety of personal trainers and an on-site dietician to help set and maintain fitness goals, Delgrosso said. He advises new members to start small and work their way to larger goals.

Euclid firefighter Ron Bare has been using Titan’s for four years now, ever since Kelly’s in Euclid closed, he said.

Bare knows the regular crowd, and enjoys the atmosphere at Titan’s.

He definitely notices the jump in new members since New Year’s Day, he said.

“God bless them. I hope they stick with it, but usually they don’t.”