At Titans we offer the hottest group exercise classes…all geared to whip you into shape. We only hire the most experienced instructors to teach the newest trends in group fitness, and to challenge you with incredible advanced classes. Class times do vary seasonally, and due to demand. Check the schedule regularly to get the most up-to-date times and class offerings.
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Class Descriptions

A variation of circuit training, working every muscle throughout the body to burn fat and build lean muscle.
Boxing classes combine practical boxing with cardio training to offer a complete, full body workout. The class begins with 15 minutes of warm up, followed by 8, 3 minute rounds of cardio boxing. We end with 10 minutes of core and cool down. Classes are 1 hour and DO NOT require any prior experience.
With so many different angles and variations to touch nearly every muscle fiber throughout your entire core, this class promises to have you feeling parts of your abs/oblique’s/back you may have been neglecting.
High Intensity Interval Training will have you pushing, pulling, squatting, crunching, jumping and sweating as you transform into a fitness machine!
A blend of yoga, pilates and thai chi to help you stretch the tight-ness, relax the stress, and balance your day.
This class offers a full body workout through circuit training exer-cises. Each class focuses exclusively one muscle group (arms, legs, core, etc) and consists of about 8, 2 minute stations and a core cool down. MMA S&C classes are 45 minutes and DO NOT require any prior experience.
An awesome cardio session set to upbeat music while training your core and lower body.
A full body workout using mostly barbell set ups, while training your shoulders, chest, back, arms, butt, legs and abs.
Open mat sessions are open to anyone interested in light sparring and live grappling. While generally self guided, an instructor will always be available. Open Mat is 1 hour and some experience is recommended.
This Latin dance inspired cardio class will have you learning how to move while burning calories.