Eric Moore
Eric Moore
I also compete in bodybuilding competitions for the last 3 years and
have place in all 5 of them. I have trained about every individual that
there is from those who want to lose weight, to those who wish to put on
mucsle and size, to the athlete who wants to compete in bodybuilding
competitions. Whatever your goals is i will try my hardest to get you
there. When you train with me we become a team, we become family. If you
want to train and learn, you can contact me via my cell #440-463-9896 or email.
Jason Bickel
Jason has been involved with personal training, strength & conditioning and group fitness classes for over a decade. Jason is experienced in program design and implementation of one on one sessions as well as large group sessions for the general public as well as high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He is also a graduate from the National Personal Training Institutes 500-hour personal training school.

In the late 90’s, before Jason was ever involved in fitness, he was a “client,” himself.

“I was about 80-100lbs over weight and weighed somewhere around 310-320lbs. Some older, more experienced guys in the gym saw me working hard but not really getting the results. They pulled me aside one day, basically tossed my plan in the trash and rewrote everything I was doing from the lifting to cardio to nutrition. Because of those guys and how they reached out, I lost around 80-90lbs over the winter and I still train myself and now train clients with the style they taught me. Full body circuit training. I think it’s great for people trying to tone up, lose fat, prepare for a running event and generally get into excellent shape. The sessions are quick and keep a consistent pace. We work the weights in such a way where your heart rate is accelerating so you’re getting the cardio benefits as well.”

Jason has also been a football coach for over 10 years and has over 8 years of experience training volleyball, softball, track, and lacrosse athletes.

Jason is currently available 7 days per week.

Jason is also a REALTOR with the Howard Hanna.